CABA meetings are usually held on the first Sunday of each month and start at 2 pm.

We are now meeting at the UAW hall located in Spring Hill.  This is located on Town Center road (on Google Maps) which is just past the McDonald's.  This is also called the Stephen P. Yokick Parkway.  Turn left or right  the parkweay (depending on whether you are traveling north or south on US 31) and proceed about 600 feet to the UAW site on the left.  Drive up into the left parking lot straight ahead and enter the building where the three flag poles are located.

The January 4 meeting will be at the UAW Hall in Spring Hill.

The February 1 meeting site has not been selected yet.


The next workshop for new beekeepers will be on Saturday January 24, 2015, at the UT Research Farm.

This will be a one day workshop starting at 9am, wrapping up at 4 pm.  The cost per person will be $6 which includes a great barbecue lunch.

Interested parties should email Dick Brickner at bricknerdn@charter.net to make a reservation.  You mail also call me at 931-381-1187.

More information on the new beekeeper workshop will be emailed in mid January as the agenda will be finalized at the January 4 meeting.


Call either of the persons listed below:

Jack Wohlfarth 931-215-5389 cell

Dick Brickner 931-381-1187 residence

If you have suggestions for items you would like to see added to this website, email them to:  bricknerdn@charter.net.