The next club meeting is Sunday April 6 at the UT Middle Tennessee Research Farm conference room at 2 pm.

This meeting will cover topics for our new beekeepers: an introduction to Varroa mite and small hive beetles and methods to control them.

We will also have the latest data of the bee packages and nucs as they will be arriving very soon. 

Directions to the conference room at the UT Research Farm are:

A.   Proceeding north on US 31 from Columbia:

Proceed past the Spring Hill high school, past the south GM plant entrance, and past the main entrance to the farm on the right hand side of the road.  Go about 800 ft and turn right on Denning Lane.  Take Denning east about 3/4 of a mile.  Denning makes a right hand turn, proceed about 400 feet and it makes a left hand turn at the rear gate into the farm.  Turn right into this entrance and then turn left 60 feet ahead on the paved road.  You will see 4 buldings directly ahead and the conference room is in the second building.

B.   Proceeding south on US31 from Spring Hill:

You are on a divided highway.  As you pass the Rippavilla Plantation house, get into the left lane as you will turn left about 1/4 of a mile ahead onto Denning Lane.  Follow the instructions in item A above for the remainder of the drive.

If you use a GPS to locate the UT farm at 3000 Nashville Highway, it will probably leave you at an unpaved entrance across from the Spring Hill high school.  I do not suggest using it.

If you want to come in the main entrance, that's fine.  Just stay on the paved road that runs east.  It has several cattle guards you must cross until you reach the back of the farm where you will turn right to access the conference room building.

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